About Us

The Norges Ice Skating School was built to develop skating skills in children and grown-ups. It is also a place where people can learn and have fun in a safe environment. We are open to everyone. Even if you are think you are too old to learn, you can still join and have fun.

We want more people to enjoy skating. Skating is not a hard skill to learn.

We have been developing skating talent for more than 10 years, and during that time, we have norgesspill become a place where people congregate and support one another. Skating is an activity, a hobby, and a sports which relies a lot on support from family and friends. When you are skating on the ice, you may look like you are alone, but your supporters are behind the glass watching you and cheering you on.

That is what Norges Ice Skating School is all about. We foster community and family. Nobody skates alone. Norges is always there with its students.

We teach Beginner’s, Intermediate and Advance Classes. We have different classes for Figure Skating, Ice Hockey and Adults. We also offer visitors the use of the rink and other facilities.