Why Choose Us

The Norges Ice Skating School is all about fun. We strive to give everyone a good time. At Norges, we believe that students should learn to have fun while skating and the more that they have fun, the better skaters they become.

Before our students get on the ice, there are trepidations, doubts and anxiety. We want that out of the way even before norgesspill they put on their skates. We want them to feel safe, secure and confident. They will know that they can skate and they will appreciate their time on the ice.

When people have fun they want to do it again. Repeating things helps make them better at doing something. Skating is a physical activity. It is also largely mental. It is like swimming; the fear keeps people from going in. We mold that fear and put it where it belongs, as nervous energy, which the student can use to learn and to improve themselves.

We treat our classes as a mirror of the community. We want the community to be involved. We norgesspill strive to keep them occupied, and continuously learning while doing so.

If you want to learn, or if you want your children to enjoy skating while they learn, give us a call or a visit. We will teach you and your children how to skate.